Saturday, May 7, 2011

Make a Simple Slideshow in Flash IDE

Make a simple slideshow,we just need to use TimerEvent and TweenLite.
Features maybe not complete,but you can learn how to work with TweenLite.

Step 1: New File
Open Adobe Flash and create an ActionScript 3 Flash file.Save and name it "Main1.fla".

Step 2: Properties
Open the properties and set the FPS to 30 and the stage size to 500 x 375px

Step 3: Photos
Collect three photos and resize to 500 x 375 px.
Import them on the stage.

Step 4: Deploy insatces
Convert your pics to a MovieClip,name them "pic1_mc","pic2_mc","pic3_mc" then align them.
Select "pic1_mc","pic2_mc","pic3_mc" and hit F8 and create a new movieclip called “container_mc” and remember give it a instance name "container_mc"(It contains "pic1_mc","pic2_mc","pic3_mc" )

Deploy your pics in the container_mc

Step 5: Code
Coding on the timeline
//Import greensock tweenlite
import com.greensock.*;
import com.greensock.easing.*;

//Set the Timer,Trigger every every three seconds
var _timer:Timer=new Timer(3000,0);

function onTimer(e:Event) {
    //Declare a Point class name it "targetPoint"
    var targetPoint:Point;
    //Set targetPoint according to container_mc.x
    switch (container_mc.x) {
        //when container_mc.x==0,pic1_mc slide to pic2_mc
        case 0:
            targetPoint=new Point(-500,0);
        //when container_mc.x==-500,pic2_mc slide to pic3_mc
        case -500:
            targetPoint=new Point(-1000,0);
        //when container_mc.x==-1000,pic3_mc slide to pic1_mc
        case -1000:
            targetPoint=new Point(0,0);
    //Tween container_mc according to targetPoint, 1, 

Step 6: Another way
If you want to add photos in the container_mc,but you don't want to add any code for new photos.
You can change your code below:
import com.greensock.*;
import com.greensock.easing.*;

var allWidth:Number=container_mc.width;
var amount:int=container_mc.numChildren;
var moveX:Number=allWidth/amount;
var maxX:Number=moveX-allWidth;

var _timer:Timer=new Timer(3000,0);

function onTimer(e:Event) {
    if(container_mc.x>maxX), 1, {x:container_mc.x-moveX,ease:Quint.easeOut});
    else, 1, {x:0,ease:Quint.easeOut});

Thanks for reading!I hope you liked this simple tutorial.Here is cs4 versions up on the zip file.

CS4 version:



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